Compound Miter Saw Reviews

A miter saw is a tool that is specially designed to allow cutting at a variety of angles. When it comes to choosing the best compound miter saw, most are torn between the variety range of products.

Miter saws come with different features such as electric brakes for reversing electricity flow, sliding and flip fences, laser guides, guiding lights, depth stops for adjusting the height of blades, shaft locks for immobilizing parts such as blades and finally dust chutes and blowers. The major advantages of miters saws are that they are easily moveable, use electricity to run and that they are easy to control.

The 10 inch compound miter saw is more accurate, uses less power, portable and it is also cheap compared to the 12-inch compound miter saw. The Cons of this miter saw is that it needs electricity to run and it has less power.

The 12’compound miter saw has more power, bigger in size and can handle a large capacity of work. The only disadvantages are that it also needs electricity to run, it is expensive and accuracy is reduced due to its size.

This makes deciding on which miter saw to buy hard and tough but through the review of the different models of miter saws, we hope it will have been made simpler.


#5 SKIL 3317-01 10inch compound miter saw

This Skil compound miter saw is entry level saw for someone opening a workshop. The saw is easy to assemble and comes with a standing stand. The major benefits of having this 10 inch compound miter saw are that it’s easily portable and uses less power. In addition, it comes with a dust bag which secures the chippings from the cut wood making it easy to clean the workshop after use.

One of the main features of the SKIL is its laser cutline guide which assists in smooth and fast cuts. Also, it has the 9 positive stops which compliment its accurate and sharp cuts. It also has a table expansion both on its right and left making handling of board panels easier. The horizontal clamping system holds the wood into position minimizing vibrations which alter the accuracy of cuts. The only disadvantage is that it has to use electricity for it to function.

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#4 Makita LS1016L 10-inch dual slide compound miter saw with laser

This Makita compound miter saw is the largest saw of this comparison and is regarded to be in its own class. It has an increased cutting capacity through the introduction of a direct gear system and a retractable guard system. It is compact and portable for easy use, has a vertical clamp for rigidity, it is also fitted with a wrench and has a fitted dust bag.

It has a 4- steel rail sliding system which increases its rigidity making it produce superior cuts. The saw also has 6 linear balls bearing system which assures a smooth, solid and accurate cut. To add on to it has a built in laser system for guiding when cutting. The only disadvantage it has it is the use of electric power which is not available in all areas.

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#3 Evolution Power Tools RAGE 3 10 Inch compound sliding miter saw

The RAGE 3 cuts aluminum, steel, and wood using the same blade. This makes it the most sought after miter saw. It has an inbuilt laser system which assures for smooth, clean, accurate and fast cuts. The powerful motor gives it the power to cut steel without the producing sparks or any heat buildup on the steel bar. This makes it easy for the steel to be cut and be used for the intended purpose straight away.

It has an in-line handle which makes it easier to handle, an adjustable cutting depth for grooving, an in-built laser system, has an optimized gearbox for better function and a 0-45 degree bevel tilt angle combined with the 9 positive stops assure more accuracy during cutting. The major advantage that the RAGE 3 compound miter saw has is the multipurpose blade which enables saving of time in the workshop. This makes it a true evolution tool.

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#2 Dewalt DW715 15 amp 12 inch compound miter saw

This Dewalt compound miter saw has a powerful 15-ampere motor which increases its cutting capacity. It also has a 4 bevel stop at 0, 33.9, 45 and 48 degrees making it easy to function. In addition, it has a built-in carrying handle for easy portability and a tall, sliding feature which works well with crown and base moldings. The increased cutting capacity and the light weight of the saw is an added advantage. As for the disadvantage, it is expensive that the other four saws being reviewed.

It has a lock miter handle with an override system which eliminates the stress of having to twist the handle when locking into new angles. Moreover, the miter detent override system allows one to adjust to the preferred settings without the saw slipping into the miter detents. The full package consists of a thin saw, a dust bag, blade wrench and a carbide blade for better usage. The disadvantage of the Dewalt is that you have to buy a stand and it doesn’t have a maximum number of bevel stops.

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#1 Hitachi C10FCE2 10-inch compound miter saw

This is the lightest 10-inch compound miter saw in the market. It can be used by trim carpenters, framers, and woodworkers. It has a 15Amp motor which generates speeds up to five thousand rpm and this assist in handling the toughest jobs. It has a horizontal handle which eliminates vibrations giving more control to the user and comfort. The thumb actuated stops enable easy and quick miter adjustment. The major advantage of this Hitachi compound miter saw is its light nature and its compactness which makes it easier to move around the workshop.

It has a 0 to 52-degree miter angle which increases the flexibility of the saw. It has fitted dust collectors which reduce the accumulation of dust on the machine and has carbon brushes which enable the machine to have a longer life span. The bevel range of 0-45 degrees enables precise cuts while the extended flip fence assists in the cutting of crown moldings. Lastly, the large table provides maximum material support when the saw is in use. Very important reason Hitachi managed to get to the top of our best compound miter saw list is, that it is HUGELY popular and customers gladly recommend it.

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Finding the best compound miter saw is complicated, but we hope that you can choose the one most suitable for you easier now. The review above clearly explains each saw to detail and gives one a complete understanding of each machine. When it comes to choosing either a 10 inch or 12-inch miter saw the best approach is weighing the features of each saw on its own and deciding which suits the need of your workshop. The Hitachi C10FCE2 is the best compound miter saw in reference to the review that has been done.