Compound miter saw

Miter saws are some of the most commercial types of saws you can find. However, there are various sorts of miter saws available, one of them being the compound miter and here is a buying guide for this miter saw.

This saw is different compared to a basic miter saw since it can be used to perform various tasks like making tilted cuts also known as bevel cuts and can also be altered to create miter cuts. However, there are some different options since there exists two categories of the compound miter saws: dual bevel and single bevel.

The single bevel model creates angle cuts in one direction. Therefore, the workpiece needs to be moved so as to build an angle cut in the opposite orientation.

The dual bevel miter, on the other hand, will make right and left angle cuts; thus, you do not have to move around your work piece to build the second cut.

The compound miter saw is ideal when cutting objects like crown molding since it simplifies the job and also increases the accuracy in creating the angled cuts match.

Best features when buying this type of a miter saw. When purchasing this saw, there are some distinct features that you should keep a look for, for instance:

1. Get a saw that has higher amps since higher amps result in more cutting power.

2. Look for a saw that has large diameter blade size since they tend to make longer cuts. The standard sizes include eight, ten and twelve inches.

3. Also look for a saw that has a thumb activated stops since they help in quick and easy adjustments.

4. Buy a saw that has electric brakes for they contribute to halting the blade quickly.

5. Get a compound saw that has dust blowers and chutes since they help in moving the sawdust from the cutting region. Also, it is important to get one that has a dirt bag mounted to the saw so as to collect the dust.

6. Another fantastic feature to look for is the digital display that helps to read the miter and bevel setting information quickly. And your saw should also have laser guides that project a beam onto the workpiece, hence assisting in accurate guide cuts.

7. Get a saw that has a table extension that is connected to the saw’s sides and carries longer stock so as to provide an accurate cut.


Do you need the 12 inch version?

If you are not a professional contractor, then you can look past the twelve-inch double bevel saw. These saws are costly and large for a home workshop. If you are in pursuit of a small and portable saw then you should look at the 7 ¼” cordless miter saw, not only are they small but they have a lot of cutting power. This saw runs on eighteen or twenty-volt lithium ion batteries that often power cordless drills. Even though the 7 ¼” blade size can be limiting regarding the size of stock you may cut, the small size factor can make up for it. Additionally, if you have a tight budget and you only need to make simple cuts at 45 or 90-degree angles, it is advisable to get a miter box that comes with the box and saw.