Miter saw versus Circular saw

The type of saw of choice depends entirely on the kind of work that one aims to do. The differences, similarities, merits and demerits of one saw over the other is essential in guiding the user on which tool to purchase. By purchasing the right tool, users are often able to find the work easier, faster and less tiring.

A miter saw is a tool for cutting wood, concrete and even masonry in given exact angles. It is composed of a circular serrated blade attached to a spring that allows the arm to move either up or down during cutting. The blade is covered by a fence and a flat base for accuracy and safety. It also has a saw-motor to drive the blade. Adjustment of the cutting angle is done with respect to the flat base. The tool is operated by first setting the blade into desired angle then manual pushing of a rotating circular blade onto the material being cut. On the other hand, a circular saw is a hand-held powered cutting tool that uses an abrasive or toothed blade to cut different kinds of materials such as wood, plastic, metal and even masonry. Its concept of cutting is where the toothed blade rotates attached to an arbor. The choice of blade depend on the kind of material to be cut and the type of cut to be made on the material.


Miter saw over Circular saw

Any kind of tool cannot have it all. Each one of them has a number of advantages and disadvantage. A miter saw has a number of merits that markets it. A miter saw makes smooth cuts that will require no further smoothing hence saving time and wood that would go wasted during smoothing. It is also user friendly and very easy to use since its mode of operation has no complications at all. The miter saw comes with a lock mode. In this mode you can set the tool to work constantly without necessarily having to make adjustments. It’s fast and precise since it is powered by electricity. The fact that it can be rotated at different angles allows it to cut materials of various sizes into desired sizes. The rotating pivot allows the machine to be used by both left handed and right handed persons.

Some of the drawbacks of a miter saw include; miter saw spews dust all over and this is obnoxious. The fact that it entirely depends on electricity means that it could stall with power challenges.

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Circular saw over miter saw

Circular saw has various advantages that favor its choice. Unlike miter saw, the user doesn’t lean over the tool to see the cutting depth since this is done by adjusting the base. The blade running very fast cut straight and accurately. This tool can be engine driven by fuel and the source of energy eliminates delays due to power blackouts. The blade makes cut with a narrow kerf that are relatively smooth although sanding may be necessary. Circular saw have small portable blades that can be independently bought and fitted into machine for cutting different kind of material.

Flaws of the circular saw is the fact that unlike miter saw, left-handed saw can only be used at ease with right-handed people and vice versa. It’s unidirectional movement when cutting prohibits tight curves. During operation, teeth on the blade pull material towards the tool and therefore require skilled cutting. Lack lock-feature as in miter saw.

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